Staying Safe During Winter Weather Emergencies

 You don’t want to be caught off guard in the cold if you suddenly lose heat in your home. Before the storm arrives, gather coats, blankets, and sleeping bags. Wear thermal underwear, or whatever you have on hand that is similar, under your sweater and pants. Dress in as many layers as you can tolerate without causing too much constriction.

Best Cold-Weather Gear for 2020

Even if you live in a mild climate, unexpected cold weather can be difficult to face. For people in northern climates who experience long winters, warm clothing can be a matter of life and death. Working outside in subzero temperatures can quickly lead to frostbite or hypothermia. If you’re planning to enjoy the cold weatherContinue reading “Best Cold-Weather Gear for 2020”

Career Ideas for Winter Sports Enthusiasts

According to conventional wisdom, finding a career you’re passionate about will allow you to lead a more fulfilling life. If you enjoy playing or watching winter sports, you might be able to pursue a career that’s around the action. For those who enjoy skiing, you might want to consider a career as a ski photographer.Continue reading “Career Ideas for Winter Sports Enthusiasts”

Winter Vacation Ideas for 2020

The best winter vacation ideas for 2020 will be those destinations that are open to travelers and have tourist attractions that allow guests to social distance themselves. No matter what type of trip or destination you have in mind, plan for outdoor activities or time spent focusing on health and wellness. These are some ofContinue reading “Winter Vacation Ideas for 2020”

Life Lessons Learned Through Winter Sports

You can learn life lessons through winter sports. The cool, dark skies call your name to get out there to do some skiing, snowboarding, or cross country running. Here are a few ways you can enjoy winter sports while learning life lessons at the same time. Be Prepared You have to be prepared if you’re going outContinue reading “Life Lessons Learned Through Winter Sports”

The Start of the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics is pivotal in the world of winter sports. It’s where the best of the best from around the world go to compete in their chosen sport and see who will come out on top while millions of people watch them. How, though, did the Winter Olympics get its start?  The Winter Olympics startedContinue reading “The Start of the Winter Olympics”

Five of the Best U.S.A. Ski Resorts

Has skiing been a dream of yours? Is skiing a sport that you enjoy, or part of your profession? No matter the reason, skiing draws in crowds of people every winter by the droves, and part of having a good experience is going to a good ski resort. Here are the top five 2020 U.S. skiContinue reading “Five of the Best U.S.A. Ski Resorts”

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