Where to Ski During the Summer Months

When one brings up the topic of skiing, it is usually to decide the best time to ski during the winter months. However, there are a lot of individuals that do not desire to ski during the winter months. Some people want to ski all year long, regardless of the climate. Luckily, there are aContinue reading “Where to Ski During the Summer Months”

How to Vacation Safely This Summer

Summer is the time for vacation, and even with a pandemic going on, travelers are still itching to get out of their homes and hit the road to enjoy themselves. While no one can stop you from taking a vacation (save for, maybe, the destinations you have in mind being closed), if you’re going to doContinue reading “How to Vacation Safely This Summer”

Traveling During COVID-19: What You Need to Know

As places slowly begin to open back up, taking a summer vacation with your family looks more and more like a possibility. Despite this, federal guidelines state that travel still isn’t recommended, though, with relaxed restrictions, it’s your choice as to whether or not you’d like to venture out somewhere new. Outdoor attractions are going to beContinue reading “Traveling During COVID-19: What You Need to Know”

Packing Tips for a Spring Vacation

If there’s one thing college students look forward to, it’s spring break. Having one week with no deadlines or homework assignments to meet before the homestretch to finals is sometimes vital to how well a student does in school, and for some students, it’s the perfect time to go traveling. It’s an opportunity to leapContinue reading “Packing Tips for a Spring Vacation”

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