Traveling During COVID-19: What You Need to Know

As places slowly begin to open back up, taking a summer vacation with your family looks more and more like a possibility. Despite this, federal guidelines state that travel still isn’t recommended, though, with relaxed restrictions, it’s your choice as to whether or not you’d like to venture out somewhere new. Outdoor attractions are going to be the most popular destinations this summer for sure, but you’ll want to avoid large crowds, which means finding somewhere that everyone else isn’t going to. 

Here’s what you need to know about taking a summer vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Simple Summer Outfits for Men

First impressions are everything, and the weather being hot doesn’t mean you should slack on looking nice. Now, unless you’re going to an event that requires it, no one is expecting you to wear a suit and tie, but it’s still easy to look stylish no matter how busy you are. Whether you’re heading out to the bar or getting ready for date night, these summer outfit ideas are simple and sure to make your first impression a good one.

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The Start of the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics is pivotal in the world of winter sports. It’s where the best of the best from around the world go to compete in their chosen sport and see who will come out on top while millions of people watch them. How, though, did the Winter Olympics get its start? 

The Winter Olympics started five years after the first modern Olympics was held, with the competition taking place eight different times between 1901 and 1926. For all but one of these times, the games (known then as the Nordic Games, as the competitors were predominantly from Nordic countries) were hosted in Stockholm, Sweden. In 1911, a member of the International Olympic Committee suggested either the inclusion of winter sports in the 1912 Olympics, as they were held in Stockholm that year, or an entirely new Winter Olympics held later in the year. Fearing for the Nordic Games, Sweden refused, but in 1920 Nordic protests were ignored in favor of adding winter sports to the competition.

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Men’s Fashion on a Budget: 7 Tips to Protect Your Wallet

All men deserve to look fashionable, even on a budget—right? Including you, who certainly can, too, by following seven easy tips.

1. Track your measurements

You can purchase a wonderful outfit at an inexpensive cost, but it won’t do you any good if it doesn’t fit you. Sizes are different everywhere you go, too, so you need to have your main body measurements (chest, neck, waist circumferences as well as arm length and inseam) written down, or memorized, for reference when you shop.

2. Stay away from made-to-measure

Made-to-measure wear is also known as “custom” suits. You’ll want to keep clear of these pieces when you’re on a budget, as they often run up to upwards of $500 each.

3. Try secondhand

Thrift stores are a budgeter’s best friend. When you are looking for secondhand or vintage pieces, though, be sure to check for quality stitches and like-new conditions, since you want them to last a long time for yourself.

4. Get flexible pieces

Think neutrals first and foremost, as they will work with multiple outfits much easier than flashier ones. And, the more flexible pieces you get into your closet, the less you will have to spend on more of them.

5. Take care of your clothes

In order to keep your quality clothes in quality condition, you must wash them correctly. Always look at the wash instructions on the label and follow them exactly, or else you will wind up needing to replace all of your new pieces all over again.

6. Be wary of sales

Items that are marked down in stores, either because of a sale, discount or clearance, tend to be marked down because they aren’t selling. They probably aren’t selling for a reason, such as impaired quality or because they have been returned too often.

7. Keep to your budget

Lastly, stay within the means of the budget you set for yourself. Don’t be persuaded by pushy salespeople to buy items above your price range or spend all your money on just socks before you even get to shirts and pants.

Above all, though, look for pieces that you like. There is always something fashionable at all price points, and you can certainly find something nice for yourself on a budget.

Five of the Best U.S.A. Ski Resorts

Has skiing been a dream of yours? Is skiing a sport that you enjoy, or part of your profession? No matter the reason, skiing draws in crowds of people every winter by the droves, and part of having a good experience is going to a good ski resort. Here are the top five 2020 U.S. ski resorts, as identified by SnowPak.

#5: Snowbird — It’s all about the snow

Located in Utah, Snowbird has some of the best powder and terrain in the country. This is a resort for expert skiers, with incredible steeps, glades, and bowl skiing. It gets plenty of snow, and the terrain includes double-diamond trails with trees, chutes, and steeps. It’s the cliffs that attract the most adventurous, the bowls for true powder hounds, and the lifts that bring skiers back for more.

#4: Aspen Mountain — Four ski areas in one

This Colorado resort’s name is deceiving, as Aspen is a complex of four ski areas in one — Aspen, Aspen Highlands, Buttermilk, and Snowmass. One lift ticket provides access to all four regions, connected by shuttle service. Aspen is a magnet for the rich and famous, plays host to the annual Winter X Games, and comprises 6,000 total acres of skiable terrain. But it’s Aspen Highlands that shines above the rest, with fewer crowds and some of the best, high-elevation bowl skiing around. Intermediate skiers prefer Snowmass and Buttermilk.

#3: Vail — One of the most visited

Vail is the largest Colorado resort and one of the most popular in the U.S. It has enough terrain for everyone, from green and blue in the front, to bowls steeps, moguls, and glades in the back for more advanced skiers. Vail annually receives 350+ inches of fresh snow and supplements with snowmaking.

#2: Telluride — Something for the whole family

This Colorado resort is anything but ordinary. Telluride offers an annual snowfall of 300+ inches and offers 2,000 acres of skiing and boarding on 148 trails from kiddie greens to downright frightening off-trail experiences. Novice skiers enjoy a 5-mile green run starting at 11,800 feet vertical. More advanced skiers prefer the groomed bowls and extreme chutes.

#1: Jackson Hole — The best in the U.S.A.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, has it all, from 500+ inches annual snowfall to an excellent lift system to incredible terrain for all skill levels – 50% expert, 40% intermediate, 10% beginner. Skiable terrain includes glades, cliffs, gulleys, bowls, and backcountry, coupled with steeps, deeps, and an efficient lift network.

Men’s Fashion Trends for the 2020 Spring Season

With March almost gone and April almost here, thinking about spring fashion is crucial to both your public appearance and making memorable first impressions. Follow the trends below to be sure you stay fashionable and put your best foot forward this spring.

Flare Pants

Flare pants are back. Find this seventies style in trousers even slim-fit pants. Give a wink to this decade with the subtleties offered through these street styles.


You should not be afraid of button-downs. The modern button-downs offered this spring offer statements in bold patterns and colors. Find unique collars as well such as camp collars.

A “Tailored” Look

This spring, a mix of streetwear and formal wear is a must. Find a distressed blazer or an overly sized blazer to dress up your wardrobe.


Sweaters should not be completely neglected in the spring. Find a sweater that reflects your personality in a bold print or a bold texture such as Mohair.

Vintage Shoes

Sneakers are out, and the look of a vintage dressy shoe is in this spring. Find penny loafers and Doc Martens on shelves this spring. There are more casual and more dressy shows offered in the vintage dress shoe atmosphere.

Prep Hoodies

Prep looks are back with a vengeance this spring. Find hoodies with school names and logos. There are even “hoodies” that offer a collar rather than a hood in the prep style lineup.

Leather Pants

Who said leather is just for girls? Find a cool, aggressive leather pant in your fit. These are cut in a more comfortable style than the dreaded, skin-tight skinny pants.

Bold Ties

With the addition of these dressy and preppy looks, you need a tie to go with them. Find ties in bold patterns that are truly unique in all aspects of the word.


Do you think polos are just for your grandfather? Not anymore. Find a polo in a fun design or fun color to give yourself the classy look you have always dreamed about.

Vintage T-Shirts

T-shirts will always be in style. Find vintage styles, band shirts and socially advocating t-shirts this spring. Let them represent your personality.

No matter the trend you choose to follow this spring, make sure it reflects your personality and reflects it well.

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Packing Tips for a Spring Vacation

If there’s one thing college students look forward to, it’s spring break. Having one week with no deadlines or homework assignments to meet before the homestretch to finals is sometimes vital to how well a student does in school, and for some students, it’s the perfect time to go traveling. It’s an opportunity to leap at if you’ve wanted some father-son bonding time, but stressing over what and how to pack for that vacation can put a damper on the mood. Rather than accept that stress, consider listening to these tips to make your vacation as stress-free as possible.

Layer up 

The weather during spring is very unpredictable. The day may start when it is rainy, then become sunny during the day and end up chilly. To remain comfortable in the unpredictable weather, dress up in stylish layers. This will help as you can remove some layers when the day turns out hot and sunny. You can also add some layers when the weather becomes chilly.

Re-wear clothing 

When packing for your spring vacation, consider including transition clothes that you can wear more than once. As long as the clothes are not dirty or stinky, you can wear them several times. Re-wearing garments help you avoid over-weight luggage. Another good idea would be to pack fast-drying clothing, such as light T-shirts and shorts.

Stay coordinated 

Men have a good sense of style, so don’t be afraid to show it! Consider mixing and matching different clothes when packing your luggage to give you a variety of outfits to choose from. Matching your shirts, pants, and outerwear will help you look more coordinated, and will foster your personalized sense of style and taste.

Wear the bulkiest attires on the plane

When traveling, wear your heavy jackets and shoes to save as much space as possible in your luggage for other items. Comfortable clothes like jeans, sweatshirts, sweatpants, or sneakers will also prepare you for the rise and fall of temperatures both in the airport and on the airplane.

Add style with accessories

When traveling for a vacation, consider to spice up your dress code with some accessories. Consider bringing a classy scarf, good noise-canceling headphones, reliable power bank, and well-stocked travel bag onboard to be prepared for the long journey to your destination.

Observing these travel tips should ensure a smooth trip to wherever you’re heading, leaving only your vacation plans to worry about when you finally land.

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