4 Essential Beard Products For Men


It is important that a good beard is maintained and regularly trimmed of any gray hairs or split ends. It is also good for removing any traces of the five o’clock stubble that comes each day around the edges of the beard. Most trimmers come with attachments to help ensure you get your desired length. This is an important tool for those who are using them for the first time. With the different styles, you can keep cutting the hairs back until it eventually is the look you desire.


For the most skilled artist, a pair of scissors can add texture, depth, and even design to the look that a man is going for. This is a great tool to use for the mustache part of your facial hair. A pair of clippers is hard to keep the hairs trimmed back from the top of the lip without possibly cutting the skin. Scissors will give a more precise cut. Choose a pair with a corrugated edge to help keep the hairs from slipping out of the blade to ensure perfect sculpting.


Once your beard has been fully trimmed, you will need to have something to use to detangle it. Purchasing a comb and brush combo can help fluff it up fully. With a brush, you can add volume to the hairs on your face. A comb is better for taming the luscious locks and smooth it out. Purchase one that is made of wood to keep from drying out the hairs further than they will be.


The last step and probably the most vital, using oil on your beard will help to ensure you take good care of the hair on your face and the skin beneath it. By adding oil to your beard, you help with frizz issues and dryness, add moisture to parts of your face that are normally hidden by the hairs, and can also help to keep a man healthy as by deterring dirt and germs. Also, it can add an appealing scent to help attract someone special.

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5 Safety Tips For a Safe and Enjoyable Summer

Many people enjoy the summertime, but it can come with its own unique safety risks. Here are some useful summer safety tips to keep in mind while having fun this summer.

Be mindful of heat-related injuries.

The potential for heat-related injuries such as heat exhaustion and heatstroke increases significantly during the summer. It is important to seek immediate medical attention when experiencing the signs and symptoms of heat-related injuries. Wearing loose-fitting clothing, taking breaks and staying hydrated are a few ways to avoid heat-related injuries this summer.

Check the weather forecast.

Forewarned is forearmed. It is a good habit to check the weather forecast for the next 5-7 days ahead and then plan accordingly. When planning a trip to a body of water, such as the beach, it is helpful to check the local marine forecast for storms and other coastal threats.

In case of a flood, turn around.

Summertime often brings unexpected heavy rains and flash floods. It is easy to misjudge the depth and strength of floodwaters. Many flood victims die because they believe that they can simply drive or wade through floodwaters. Rather than taking a chance, it is best to turn around.

Practice water safety.

Drowning is a leading cause of unintentional deaths. Beachgoers should only swim at lifeguard-protected beaches. It is important to follow the directions and guidance of lifeguards because they are trained to recognize and respond to various dangers at the beach such as wildlife, rip currents, and storms. Furthermore, drowning is a leading cause of death for young children. Therefore, children should always be monitored closely while they are near the water, and it is highly recommended that they wear lifejackets.

Look before locking a vehicle

While parked in the sun, the temperature inside of a car can increase drastically in a short amount of time. Children, the elderly, and pets are especially prone to hot-car deaths. Therefore, it is important to always look before locking a vehicle, and ensure that everyone is out of the vehicle prior to walking away.

In conclusion, taking these 5 summer safety tips into consideration can help make the summertime both safe and enjoyable.

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Matching Your Watch To Your Outfit: An Expert’s Guide

You’ve probably heard the saying, “dress to impress.” While it’s nice to tidy up that outfit many overlook details such as whether or not their watch matches their clothing. Watches are usually the last thing someone puts on before heading out the door but it certainly shouldn’t be viewed as an afterthought. Bloomberg.com recently listed a couple of rules for matching your watch to your outfit.

When it comes to style, it’s best if you choose one article of clothing that stands out while the rest compliments it. If you have more than one star on the show, then there’s too much going on with your outfit. For example, a glen plaid pattern blazer or color garment-dyed jeans can stand out but they shouldn’t be paired together. The reason for this rule is that it allows your watch to shine.

If you’re lost on which watch to pair with what, try the JLC Polaris Memovox with a graph-check shirt and a pair of blue jeans. In an example of what you don’t want to wear, a colorful strap with a bright cashmere sweater and a bold stripe shirt is over the top. In that instance, all eyeballs will be on the articles of clothing and none of it will be directed towards the watch.

Another rule is using your watch to hook back to something. For example, a man wore a tan and brown tweed jacket over a sky blue pencil-stripe shirt. He’s also got on a Prince of Wales wool tie that has some orange a navy. The man decided to opt for the Tudor Prince watch instead of the Explorer. He did this because he felt the cream dial and suede strap of the watch suited his outfit better.

Does this seem like a minor thing to you? It may be a small detail but it gives you peace of mind that you are organized and well put together. In modern times, watches aren’t needed for their primary function thanks to smartphones. Nowadays, watches are used for style rather than just letting us know the time. The purpose of watches today is the same as designer clothes, which is to make you look fashionable, so you might as well match.

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Top 10 Men’s Wallets

Wallets have evolved over the years. Gone are the days of carrying a bulky wallet in your pocket to hold your bills and credit cards. These days, designers opt for sleek designs that are convenient for the consumer. With so many options to choose from, some may have difficulty choosing a wallet that fits their needs. Fear not as here are the top 10 best men’s wallets.

Tanner Goods | Journeyman, Front Slim 4 Card Slot Wallet

Those who prefer having a front pocket will be pleased with this option. As the name implies there are four slots to stash your cash and credit cards. The wallet is made of English Bridle leather.

Billykirk No. 427 Bi-Fold Card Case

If you’re in search of a wallet that is compact, the Billykirk No. 427 Bi-Fold Card Case might be what you’re looking for. This wallet can hold up to five credit cards in each slot.

Tumi Nassau Money Clip Card Case

On the exterior, this wallet has two card pockets. As far as the interior goes, there is one slip pocket and an RFID lock. The material is textured leather.

Want Les Essentiels Branson Leather Card Case

This wallet has a luxury feel to it. It features four exterior card slots. It also has an interior slip compartment.

Carhartt Oil Tan Passcase Wallet

Looking for a wallet made of full grain leather in an oil finish with a pull-up? Look no further than the Carhartt Oil Tan Passcase Wallet. Need space? The wallet has six credit card pockets and 2-side pockets.

Herschel Men’s Hank Wallet

This signature striped liner wallet has multiple card slots. It has a synthetic leather interior.

Filson Unisex Leather Bi-fold Outfitter Wallet

Made in the USA, this bi-fold wallet is made of waterproof leather and stitched with heavy-duty nylon. It has eight card slots and two hidden compartments.

M-Clip Polished Border Money Clip

This money clip will hold cash and credit cards without the bulky look. The Neoprene grip pads give consumers peace of mind in that the items will hold in place.

Shinola Utility Folded Leather Card Holder

Italian Vachetta leather is the make of this wallet. With five credit card slots, you aren’t likely to run out of space.

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet

Don’t let the slimness fool you. The Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet can hold up to 12 cards. It’s the perfect step to slimming your pocket without making sacrifices.

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Hail Storm Safety 101

Hail can be a scary thing. Despite it being something that can destroy your property, there is more of an issue that you don’t get stuck in it. The size of hail compared with the speed can often cause serious injury. We’ve got a few ways you can stay safe during a hailstorm.

What Is Hail?

Severe thunderstorms often produce hail. It forms when the updrafts in storms send the falling rain back to the top of the clouds. It is below freezing at this level, so the drops freeze forming hailstones. Hail storms usually happen during the spring and summer when humidity is at its peak.

Keeping Your Home Safe

Hail is the most damaging to your roof. This is caused by stones slamming into your shingles. When the stones are at least one inch in diameter, you’re at risk of roof damage. As the hail hits the shingles, the bond between the asphalt and shingles starts to loosen. Hail often busts out the windows in your home. To combat this, you can install storm shutters. It will also destroy your rain gutters. You can use guards and filters to try to combat hail breaking your gutters.

Staying Safe

It’s critical that you find shelter as soon as you can. It can be tricky to find shelter outdoors because trees are subject to wind damage that usually comes with storms. If you’re inside, stay away from windows due to possible shattering glass. Stay on the first floor of your home with the curtains closed. Never go outside to check on the storm during falling hail. You could easily get hit in the head. If you’re in your car during a storm, try to find a covering. If you cannot get to a safe location, don’t exit your car. Try to shelter yourself away from the windows and stay in a parked position.

In conclusion, hail is something that can damage property and yourself. The most important thing is to get to safety during a storm. Don’t go outside to examine the damage until the storm has been gone about an hour. High winds and lightning usually accommodate a hail storm. Always take caution when going outside after a storm.

This article was originally published on FranklynMichelin.org

Workplace Fashion Tips for Men

What men wear to work can make or break a first impression for bosses, coworkers, and clients. A man who looks professional and put together at work will impress others in the office. These are some tips for helping men to decide what to wear in the workplace.

Make sure clothes are clean and neat.

Crisp, clean clothing is always crucial for looking professional and stylish. No one will want to see a boss or coworker wearing a dirty, wrinkly shirt, so everyone should make sure that there are no stains or wrinkles on their clothing before getting dressed for work.

Avoid sloppy clothing.

It may be tempting to throw on a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie. However, looking presentable in professional clothing will go a long way and make employees and bosses appear more diligent about their work, even if they work from home.

Avoid wearing anything involving sports or workouts.

It can be tempting for people to wear the clothes they will be wearing to the gym after work to their jobs; however, it is best to dress professionally and change into those clothes after the workday is over. Looking overly sporty at work will come across as unprofessional.

Make sure that clothes fit.

Overly tight or baggy clothing is not appropriate for the workplace. Men should make sure to purchase pieces that fit their bodies well without exposing too much skin or looking too oversized.

Dress up without overdoing it.

No one should ever underdress for work. Showing up to an office in distressed jeans and a t-shirt will always make a terrible impression and come across as not taking the job seriously. Men should be sure to dress appropriately, but not overdressing to the point where they will be distracting others. For example, wearing a tuxedo to many jobs would be overdressing.

Follow the dress codes.

It is crucial to respect and follow any dress code that the office may require. Even if these rules do not align with someone’s style, refusing to follow these rules will come across as disrespectful and even rude.

Following these tips will help any man look appropriate and stylish for the workplace.  

How to Make Inexpensive Suits Look Expensive

Whether it’s worn once a year or every day, owning a suit is an important part of being a professional. Owning a suit doesn’t actually need to be expensive, especially with these tricks to make any suit look significantly better.

Wear the Right Colors

Wearing a suit is about being dressed well and isn’t necessarily about the price of the clothing. Choose a suit that looks good on the wearer in an attractive color and pattern. Then, accent the suit with socks, shoes, a tie, and a shirt that all complement the suit’s preexisting color palette.

Monochromatic palettes are easy to pull off, so try wearing all-grey, all-black, or all-navy. Another option is to use a theme like cool tones, contrasting colors, or any other style that strikes the wearer’s fancy and fits within the options available. Don’t be afraid to try out a uniquely patterned tie, especially if it’s for a casual event.

Use a Steam Cleaner

A well-pressed cheap suit looks better than a wrinkled and expensive one. Instead of messing with a hot iron every morning, try investing in a handheld steam cleaner. Hang the suit off of a wall hook or a rack. Then, use a combination of steam and gravity to smooth out all of the wrinkles.

One of the mistakes that many people make when steam-cleaning a garment is that they forget to give it time to dry. The room that the suit is in needs to have good ventilation so that the humidity does not linger and gives the fabric a smell.

Visit a Tailor

Something that many people don’t realize is that suit alterations are relatively expensive. For around $100-$200, most tailors will adjust a suit to fit the wearer’s frame. Buying a cheap suit and having it fitted is often a more economical choice, and it will look better than a nice suit that hasn’t been adjusted.

For a bit of extra flair, ask your tailor to replace the suit buttons with more interesting ones. Metal buttons will look bright and professional, while colored buttons can give a suit a relaxed and casual appearance.

Suits look nice when they fit the wearer, are well-maintained, and are worn with style. Whether you buy a cheap suit or invest in something more expensive, keep it looking good to look like a professional.    

Where to Ski During the Summer Months

When one brings up the topic of skiing, it is usually to decide the best time to ski during the winter months. However, there are a lot of individuals that do not desire to ski during the winter months. Some people want to ski all year long, regardless of the climate. Luckily, there are a good number of ski resorts for individuals to ski during the summer months. In this piece, we will take a deeper look at some of these options.

1. The Dachstein Glacier – Austria

This resort is characterized by its flat slopes that faced north for oncoming snow. The alpine skiing time in the region during the summertime will be heavily reliant on the weather. This region is the international training ground for athletes that want to engage in cross-country skiing and Nordic combination.

Individuals can make reservations for gondola during the summer. Non-skiers will have a good time as well as they can enjoy Dachstein’s ice palace as well as its skywalk.

2. The Les 2 Alpes Glacier – France

It is no secret that the Les 2 Alpes Glacier is one of the largest summer ski glaciers in the entire European continent. This facility is open from late in the month of June to the late month of August. One can get access to slopes between the lengths of 3200 and 3600 meters. One can perform slopestyle, Big Air, halfpipe, and an activity known as Easy Park that is designed for novices.

3. Zermatt (Theodul Glacier)- Switzerland.

The Theodul Glacier is open annually. With 21 kilometers of summer available for skiing, the Theodul Glacier is the largest summer skiing facility in Europe. One can enjoy the beautiful views of the beautiful Matterhorn mountain from the facility’s freestyle snowpark. Summer skiing is open till noon. However, they are a variety of options available for are interested in summer skiing.

4. HinkerTux – (Austria)

This glacier is open all year. Twenty kilometers of slopes are open as well as ten ski lifts. Its glacier contains runs that are suitable for skiers of any skill level, and it has its own bus that could transport 3,000 skiers an hour. 

Stylish and Effective Men’s Raincoats

The time has come to prepare for the infamous April showers. This is often a time for women to break out their spring, pastel-colored, matching rain boots and raincoat. For men, the options may not be so limitless. At least, at first, they don’t appear to be as diverse as women’s styles.

Contrary to popular belief, there are countless options available when it comes to men’s raincoats. Not only is there plenty to choose from, but these raincoats are often stylish and practical. Here are a few notable options for men to consider this season.

Stutterheim “Stockholm Cognac” Raincoat

As usual, the Europeans are leading the world in fashion, with raincoats being no exception. Stutterheim, a Swedish outerwear brand, has a large selection of raincoats to choose from, ranging from light to dark colors. The “Stockholm Cognac” raincoat boasts a uniquely handmade and sleek design fit to complement any style. This Scandinavian design is practical, fits most aesthetics, and is made with a hood and rubberized cotton material to ensure adequate rain protection. Gone are the days of soiling your clothing due to unpredictable weather conditions. Invest in this raincoat for an effortless look that keeps you dry.

Mackintosh “CAMBRIDGE Bottle Green Raintec Cotton Short Coat”

If you’re looking for a raincoat that doesn’t have a typical rain gear look to it, Mackintosh’s “CAMBRIDGE” raincoat might be the perfect solution. At first glance, this coat may look like a stylish trench coat or even a business jacket. But upon closer observation, you will find a perfectly suitable raincoat built for shielding you from rainstorms and windy conditions. The style is also easy to move around in, making it ideal for all kinds of errands you may need to complete throughout the day. You can adjust the neckline style as well if you wish to have more protection at your neck. If you’re not in love with the army green color, this exact coat is offered in seven other colors.

Aimé Leon Dore “Sail Jacket”

If you want to stand out from traditional rain jacket styles, the Aimé Leon Dore “Sail Jacket” offers both water repellent fabric and a contemporary twist on conventional designs. This jacket is available in both cream and yellow, has plenty of versatility, and acts as a sophisticated addition to your wardrobe. In addition to the convenient removable hood, there is a trendy corduroy collar that will upscale your outfit even if it is not raining. This jacket is a great way to stand out from the crowd while also receiving effective defense from the rain.

The Best Black Shoes for Men

Black shoes have been a staple in men’s closets for ages. No matter what type of personal style you’ve adopted over the years, there is no doubt that you’ve sported a pair of black shoes with your fair share of outfits. However, some footwear is more sleek and sophisticated than others. Read below for some of the best black shoes for men.

Oliver Cabell Low 1 – Jet Black

For a comfortable yet polished look, you should highly consider purchasing a pair of the Oliver Cabell Low 1 shoes in Jet Black. These shoes are the perfect male accessory to any outfit. Not only do they look as if you’ve just stepped out of a high-end establishment, but they also offer immense comfort so that you can wear them all day without any issues. After purchasing these shoes, it will be hard to ever go back to wearing regular sneakers. 

Uniform Standard Series 1

Uniform Standard is another standout brand when it comes to men’s footwear. The company’s Series 1 Triple Black Leather shoes fit a minimalist aesthetic while also complimenting various other styles. These leather shoes have personal finishing touches, such as hand-stitched detail on the heel counter, that make them feel customized for your style. Not only are they a sharp addition to your wardrobe, but they also have been molded to provide supreme foot support and comfort.

Allbirds Men’s Wool Runners

Let’s say you’re looking for a black sneaker that offers both style and athletic capabilities. This is where Allbird’s men’s wool runners will be your new best friend. These sneakers have quickly been growing more popular by following ethical practices and being made with renewable materials. The shoes feel cozy while also giving the support needed for physical activity. The black pair matches well with dress pants, making them acceptable to wear to more formal events if desired.

Vionic’s Hiro Sneakers

For a modern take on a classic look with maximum practicality, consider investing in a pair of Vionic’s Hiro Sneakers. These slip-on shoes make it simpler for you to look put together even while rushing to get ready. These durable shoes were designed to provide relief and stability to their wearers, reducing the likelihood of having pain in your heel, lower back, or knees. If you’ve wanted some simple yet eye-catching shoes, Vionic’s Hiro Sneakers may be your best bet at achieving that goal.

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