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Sneaker Alternatives For Men This Fall

Sneakers are the most comfortable and versatile footwear style ever made. This type of footwear can go with almost any article of clothing. Today, sneakers are available in an infinite variety of colors and designs. From high tops to vegan sneakers, they exemplify men’s most preferred footwear.

Sneakers are a great footwear choice for most occasions. But they are not suitable for every occasion. Because many men strive to look their best for any event, they do not compromise on comfort or style. So, they want sneaker alternatives (or non-sneakers) that are right for many occasions. As a result, sneakers can be a little bland to wear for some events.

What Styles are the Best Alternatives to Sneakers?

During the fall, many men are scrambling to buy the latest sneaker alternatives. For the latest styles, they often keep abreast of the availability of non-sneakers. They are in the market for boots, clogs, loafers, and mules. These alternatives to sneakers provide enhanced looks and styles that sneakers cannot match.


Boots epitomize the perfect staple of any man’s wardrobe. They are perfect for running errands on chilly days and go great over skinny jeans or fitted pants. But, of course, any guy can pair them with his favorite plaid button-down or flannel shirt, and he will be good to go!


Clogs are a super comfy, durable, and stylish option. They are great for snow. Any guy can wear them with thick socks and walk through snow without getting wet (or cold). Also, clogs look great with jeans.

Loafers and Moccasins

Loafers are lightweight shoes that any guy can wear with anything. And, like loafers, moccasins are flat shoes with a low heel made of leather and fur on the inside.

They may not be the warmest option, but they usually come in great colors and patterns to make up for it. Indeed, any guy can pair his lightweight shoes with skinny jeans or dress pants — but never shorts!


A mule is a type of shoe without back support. Because there are no shoelaces, any man can slip his mules on and off with ease. This type of footwear is perfect for when a guy does not want to deal with laces. Mules are very comfortable and go well with pants or shorts. But, avoid pairing them with formal wear like tuxedos or business apparel.

Now, any man has more choices, whether he prefers casual footwear such as boots, clogs, loafers, or mules. So, trendy sneaker alternatives are a must-have to supplement his wardrobe.

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The Best Online Clothing Stores

The internet creates a market for almost everything. Technological advances and business expansion have made the delivery of goods and services take a shorter time. Whether one is looking for the latest and trending fashion options, designer brands, streetwear, or a one-stop-shop, the online market is the place to be. Here is an outstanding cheat sheet that can help one treat themselves to some of the best clothing designs online stores offer.

One-Stop Shops


Nordstrom is a popular online department store that is a true one-stop shop. It provides its customers with a wide variety of clothing from blazers to running shoes to designer belts.


When it comes to retail shopping, Amazon is the powerhouse one-stop shop to visit. One gets spoilt for choice for those doing basic fashion shopping for things like t-shirts, socks, and underwear. Amazon provides an exciting assortment of designer wear for their basic fashion. One cannot miss out on popular brands like Levi’s and Adidas.


For shoe enthusiasts, Zappos has the solution to their feet. Whether one is looking for Crocs, sneakers, or boots, Zappos has the perfect footwear. From classic to popular brands and exciting clothing, shopping online at Zappos has never been fulfilling with its various brands.

Office Wardrobe needs

Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder is a New York designer solving the American menswear issues for more than a decade. His works at Ralph Lauren and J. Crew have contributed to his success in modern sportswear and classic designs.


For individuals looking for quality designs and materials, J. Crew is the place to shop. Its button-up shirts, cashmere sweaters, and trim suits are gaining traction by the day, ranking it among the top online clothing stores.

Taylor Stitch

Taylor Stitch is best known for denim, workwear, and button-ups. It provides its customers with an elevated appeal that is modern and trendy. They have some of the best-waxed cotton jackets and flannel shirts.


GAP is an iconic American retailer that understands casual wear. They are famous for denim, khakis, and hoodies.

Clothing is usually a preference, and individuals have different tastes. The compilation above gives you a sneak peek at some of the best online clothing stores, where one can find high quality and best designs worth their money.

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2021-2022 Winter Weather Predictions

Will it snow? How much will it snow? When will it snow?

These are common questions heading into the winter season in many parts of the country. Even states where snow isn’t a usual occurrence might wonder just how cold it will get. Polar vortexes and blasts of Arctic air can leave people wearing jackets even in the Bahamas. Climate change is making the cold season fiercer and more unpredictable than ever, and that leaves people turning to traditional sources for predictions for the 2021-2022 winter season.

One farmer’s almanac has been predicting winter weather for decades. While some dismiss such things as quaint traditions, the accuracy rate of this particular almanac is an astounding 80 percent. They say that this coming winter is going to be long, cold, and wet.

Even though the almanac is a traditional source of information, it does rely on sciences that have gotten very modern. These include atmospheric conditions and solar data.

Actually specifying dates and precipitation amounts is the job of your local weatherman, but general predictions about the climate can help people plan their winter out better. Knowing that things might be colder and wetter longer than usual might help them avoid early spring trips that could go badly without good weather. In fact, those living in northern latitudes might even plan a mid-winter trip to the tropics or Caribbean just to get a quick break from all the cold and mess.

While everyone can benefit from such future knowledge, farmers are still likely the ones to benefit the most. They need to get all the productivity they can out of their farms, and planting too soon can mean risking loss of crops. Likewise, waiting too long can mean skipping out on days where plants could be growing.

Even residential citizens can adjust growing schedules on such information. Knowing when winter will actually end can mean planting seedlings in containers indoors or perhaps a greenhouse before transferring the plants to actual soil as soon as it is safe. Doing so can mean getting a jump ahead on certain crops by six weeks to two months, possibly opening up terrain later in the summer for a second fall crop or harvest for more food.

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Top 5 Best Men’s Shorts Brands

What are the best men’s shorts brands? If you’re looking for a new pair of shorts, then there is a lot to consider. The quality and fit of the material, style, and design, color options- all matters when making your choice. Fortunately, we’ve done some research for you and narrowed down your options to 5 great men’s short brands that will work with any guy’s lifestyle:

Champion Men’s Active Mesh Shorts

These Champion Men’s Active Mesh Shorts offer an athletic cut with a mesh liner made from 80% Polyester/20% Spandex fabric. This lightweight polyester-spandex blend offers breathability while still providing plenty of support and comfort. The polyester-spandex fabric also stretches to move with your body ensuring the shorts stay in place while you’re moving around.

Nike Men’s Flex 2017 Running Shorts

These men’s running shorts offer a loose fit with a 10″ inseam and are made from 100% Dri-Fit fabric for moisture control. Nike’s Dri-Fit technology wicks away sweat and dries fast, while the mesh liner offers breathability, keeping you relaxed as your workout heats up.

Under Armour Men’s Charge Shorts

Made from 100% Polyester fabric, the Under Armour Men’s Charge Shorts are made to fit like a second skin without sacrificing comfort. These men’s shorts have an athletic cut and design that gives you freedom of movement and wraps your body in lightweight, breathable fabric. The elastic waistband offers added support and comfort, while a hidden key pocket keeps your valuables secure.

Affliction Men’s Denim Shorts

Affliction men’s denim shorts are a great choice when you want to add some edge to your outfit. These stylish jeans shorts have a classic 5-pocket jean design with the added style of frayed edges along the hem. The lightweight fabric moves with your body and allows for unrestricted movement as you move in and out of poses.

AllSaints Men’s Skinny Shorts

These men’s skinny shorts are a stylish choice when you want to look your best. These short shorts feature all-over embroidery in bright colors along with slimming tummy control panels. The classic 5-pocket jean design offers plenty of storage options while the lightweight fabric moves with your body.

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Making The Most of a Jeans and T-Shirt Combo

Sophisticated style and dressing help any man look great, but the truth remains that every man also needs to know how to rock jeans and t-shirts. Casual dress is very common these days. It was commonplace even before the pandemic, but with so many people doing remote work, just throwing on a t-shirt and jeans is now almost an everyday uniform for quite a few people across the country.

A t-shirt and jeans are a truly classic combination. Wearing them means you’re ready for just about anything.

In fact, you’ll likely spend more of your life in jeans and t-shirts than all your other outfits. Of course, there are multiple ways this can go. You can look like someone who is comfortable but kind of lazy. Alternatively, you can look like someone truly cool and comfortable with themself.

Jeans and t-shirts are wardrobe staples. They’re available everywhere, and most of them work well. Still, with a little care, you can look better than ever.

Fabric and fit are the two things that matter. How your t-shirt looks on your frame makes all the difference in the world. Also, the right tailoring and fabric for your jeans make a crucial difference, too. Find what works well for you and the combos that really suit your style. You can find the look that you simply own.

When you think about jeans and t-shirts, you might think of anyone from Bruce Springsteen to Steve McQueen. They nailed their t-shirt fits. A good t-shirt needs to hug your arms and shoulders without being overly baggy or tight. Sleeves should wind up around mid-bicep. In terms of length, a good t-shirt finishes around your belt line. Stick to these fundamentals, and you’ll rock your t-shirt.

Jeans are more about the type of body you have. Don’t go rockstar-tight. Tapered or straight-leg cuts work for larger legs, but slim fits fit trimmer legs better. You don’t want them too baggy. Also, be sure that they’re not too tight at the waist. You should be able to still fit a thumb in there, otherwise, your circulation might be getting cut off.

Different kinds of jeans and t-shirt combos work well for lounging around the house, hitting up a bar or concert, or cooking up a BBQ in the backyard.

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Overview of the Latest IPCC Report

Recently, the updated IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) report was released. This report outlined the latest status of climate change across the world and there are a few main important takeaways.

Climate Change is Growing and Intensifying:

Reports of the warming climate have been around for years, but it is now directly impacting the Western world. Climate change is a current global issue, impacting every area of the globe. In this report, scientists from countries across the world are certain that this is now a real issue of concern.

The Trends of Extreme Heat Waves:

The IPCC states that both the frequency and intensity of heightened global temperatures are headed for the worst. There is now a greater frequency of warming by one degree Celsius or more over ten years and it is predicted that the intensity of the heat will eventually reach an increase of more than 5 degrees Celsius if humans do not make a change. It is also noted that humans are undoubtedly the root cause of this temperature rise.

There is Evidence Supporting the 1.5C Global Threshold:

This report explains that if the world exceeds a 1.5 degree Celsius climate change, there will be serious repercussions. This idea originated from the Paris Treaty in 2013 and is now being recognized as a global necessity. To prevent exceeding this number, carbon emissions must be cut in half in the next 10 years and the globe must achieve net-zero emissions by the year 2050.

Sea Levels Continue Rising:

The IPCC report was quite blunt when it came to rising sea levels. The report explained that even by reaching net zero emissions by 2050 that the sea levels will continue to rise. The effects of the rising sea levels are more frequent and severe sea-level events than have been seen so far.

Is There any Good news to Takeaway?

There is one positive takeaway from the IPCC report: scientists are certain. The scientist who wrote the report is sure of the current and future effects of climate change. They also know what needs to be done to stop the consequences. Net-zero emissions are the answer to their call to action. Now, global politicians must get involved to make legislative change to support zero emissions.

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Men’s Sandals For The Summer

Sandals for men are making a huge appearance in the world of fashion, with celebrities incorporating them into their personal wardrobes and even curating their own signature pairs. Tyler, The Creator, and even Kanye West have both publicly sported their admiration for sandals in their day-to-day ventures, and we’ve been seeing the fashion industry pick up on the trend as well. The surge in popularity of the sandal is sudden and undeniable, and Rolling Stone even hopped on the bandwagon and recently named the top ten men’s sandals. This summer, consider choosing a pair of sandals from the list they provided –

  • Birkenstock Arizona Sandals
  • Nisolo Huaraches
  • Teva Original Universal
  • Crocs Classic Clog
  • Birkenstock Boston
  • OOFOS Ooahh Luxe
  • Nike Victori One Slide
  • Rainbow ‘301Alts’ Sandal
  • Adidas Yeezy Ridged Sole Slides
  • Suicoke Buckle-Fastening Slides

Rolling Stone’s list of men’s sandals is an incredibly helpful tool to utilize when making your summer shoewear decisions. Nowadays, men’s sandals have evolved from simple “buckles” and “velcro” getups to well-thought-out designs with artistic expression and orthopedic health in mind. Even the buckles and velcro have made their way into trendiness, being a simple and comfortable addition to an outfit that has little need for a “statement piece.” A pair of sandals is now not only a smart choice for a summer outfit but a fashionable one as well.

It’s popular knowledge that brands such as Nike and Crocs have been considered stylish among crowds of all ages for quite some time now, but men’s sandals, in particular, have clearly branched out to include a wide array of options that are considered “hip.” The NY Times even shared that brands such as “Chaco Lowdowns” are as well suited for summer fun as the other brands mentioned by Rolling Stone, too! The possibilities have consistently proven themselves to be endless. On the more affordable end, one can even consider shopping Amazon’s “Amazon Essentials” brand – the “Men’s Flip Flop Sandal” only being around twenty dollars! A good pair of congenial sandals, though, are truly priceless at the end of the (summer) day. So, this summer when you’re thinking about what to wear that will be comfortable, practical, and trendy, consider grabbing a pair of modish footwear, like the sandal!

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The Top 5 Luxury Men’s Fashion Brands

The world of fashion is constantly changing, but one thing remains the same: men’s style. From suits to casual outfits, many brands cater specifically to men and their unique needs. Here we list our top four luxury menswear brands today that men should be following if they are looking for quality clothing.


Rolex is a Swiss watchmaker and the leading brand in luxury watches. They are most well-known for their Oyster Perpetual line of wristwatches, which was first introduced in 1915. Rolex also has various other lines to cater to specific needs, such as diving or hunting, called Sea-Dweller and Yacht-Master, respectively. Rolex watches can be expensive, but if Rolex is put in good working order, the investment will last for generations to come.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a variety of different luxury menswear clothing lines. Their most famous line for men is Polo, which started as just the iconic polo shirt and has expanded into an entire lifestyle brand with high-quality denim, suits, dress shirts, sportswear, and more. If you’re looking for good-quality clothes, Ralph Lauren is an excellent place to start.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani is the world’s most famous designer. It has various lines for men, and all are high quality with elegant designs that make them perfect for work or going out on the town. The brand includes menswear, womenswear, eyewear, and perfumes as well. If you want to dress well and look elegant, this is the perfect brand for every man.

Brunello Cucinelli

The Brunello Cucinelli brand has a luxurious feel with its high-quality fabrics, slim-fit designs, and timeless styles. The line includes suits, jackets, sweaters, and more. If a man wants to look like he has it all together without going overboard on his outfit selection for the day, this is the perfect option.

The Timberland Company

The Timberland Company is best known for its iconic yellow boots and shoes. The brand sells various footwear, clothing, bags, and accessories to men who are looking for high-quality products that will last many years. If you want your clothes or shoes to be comfortable and stylish, then this is the perfect choice as they have both options available at reasonable prices.

Take a look at the above best luxury men’s fashion brands that offer clothing for every man’s needs, whether casual or formal. There is truly something for everyone! Happy shopping!

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Simple Ways to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer can be a difficult time of year for many people. Icy drinks are refreshing, but they don’t provide the same level of hydration as water. There are several ways people can beat the summer heat, but these tips should get people started on what they need for this summer season! We’ll cover topics like how to stay cool when it’s hot outside and what types of foods people should eat to keep up their energy levels during this season.

Drink a Lot of Water

The first and most important thing to do is drink a lot of water. When it’s hot outside, the human body loses fluids faster than normal because it’s sweating so much. Drinking enough water will help keep up your body’s energy levels and prevent dehydration, which could lead to heat strokes or worse conditions such as kidney failure. You should drink at least two cups of water for every hour that you spend out in the heat.

Have a Portable Fan

It’s not uncommon to find that your air conditioning is no longer working in the hotter season. This means you may be stuck with increasing room temperature, and it can get really uncomfortable if left unchecked for an extended period. People keep their bodies cool by using cooling devices such as a portable fan or even just walking in front of a window facing outside which will naturally create a breeze.

Eat Cold Foods

Cold foods such as iced drinks or popsicles can help cool people down in a hurry. They might also want to try some cold salads and cereals, giving their bodies the nutrients it needs without making them too full.

Sleep on top of Wet Clothes

You can keep your body cool by placing wet cloths onto the parts of your skin, such as under their arms and on top of their feet. Just be sure to change them out every two hours to avoid a bacterial infection from starting up.

Exercise Comfortably

You should exercise when it’s cooler outside, such as first thing in the morning or early evening. The heat of summer can make workouts uncomfortable, so be sure to drink plenty of water and wear light clothing that won’t restrict movement.

There are many ways to beat the heat this summer, and these can be used for anyone at any stage of life. People don’t have to cook up a storm or spend all day inside; they just need to drink plenty of water, stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids, and avoid physical labor during those hot hours. It’s important to remember that heat can affect people differently, so be sure to stay hydrated and aware of your surroundings.

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Men’s Summer Scarves To Add To Your Wardrobe

Scarves can be an excellent fashion choice for the summertime. They can be worn draped, tied, or once around, and come in different fabrics that are light enough for the warm summer. This list includes some recommendations for scarves for the summer, and more can be found here.

Brunello Cucinelli lightweight frayed-edge scarf

This casual scarf is made from a lightweight cotton cashmere and silk blend. The color is a simple tan. It is long, seventy by thirty inches, and would look great once around with a light-colored shirt in another light fabric. It can be tied, but it would look nice draped as well to maintain the casual appearance.

Aimé Leon Dore for Drake’s Buff and Green Medallion Print Tubular Silk Scarf

This patterned scarf features a bold pattern with neutral colors as well as fringe on the ends. It is pure silk, making it lightweight for warm summer days. It could be styled with dark blue to complement the colors in the pattern.

LORO PIANA Striped Fringed Baby Cashmere Scarf

This gray striped scarf is simple and formal for cooler summer events or air-conditioned indoor events. It is made from cashmere and features fringed ends. It would look nice with solid colors or wide stripes. It can be worn wrapped once around the neck for a formal look, but any style would look good with a classic pattern like this.

ANDERSON & SHEPPARD White Polka-Dot Cotton Scarf

This white polka-dot scarf is made from lightweight cotton and would be best tied like a cravat around the neck. Its color makes it perfect to go with summer pastels and gives something extra to a lightweight suit or other formal wear. It measures to be twenty-seven point six square inches.

Missoni Zig-Zag Pattern Scarf

This bold scarf can be a staple statement piece in a wardrobe. It is one hundred percent wool and about eighty-six by twelve inches. It features color blocks of striped zig-zags in several semi-dark colors. It would be the perfect bold look to not only wear in the summer but in the seasons after as well. It would look best draped around the neck once with a light long sleeve shirt and some skinny jeans.

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