Men’s Summer Scarves To Add To Your Wardrobe

Scarves can be an excellent fashion choice for the summertime. They can be worn draped, tied, or once around, and come in different fabrics that are light enough for the warm summer. This list includes some recommendations for scarves for the summer, and more can be found here.

Brunello Cucinelli lightweight frayed-edge scarf

This casual scarf is made from a lightweight cotton cashmere and silk blend. The color is a simple tan. It is long, seventy by thirty inches, and would look great once around with a light-colored shirt in another light fabric. It can be tied, but it would look nice draped as well to maintain the casual appearance.

Aimé Leon Dore for Drake’s Buff and Green Medallion Print Tubular Silk Scarf

This patterned scarf features a bold pattern with neutral colors as well as fringe on the ends. It is pure silk, making it lightweight for warm summer days. It could be styled with dark blue to complement the colors in the pattern.

LORO PIANA Striped Fringed Baby Cashmere Scarf

This gray striped scarf is simple and formal for cooler summer events or air-conditioned indoor events. It is made from cashmere and features fringed ends. It would look nice with solid colors or wide stripes. It can be worn wrapped once around the neck for a formal look, but any style would look good with a classic pattern like this.

ANDERSON & SHEPPARD White Polka-Dot Cotton Scarf

This white polka-dot scarf is made from lightweight cotton and would be best tied like a cravat around the neck. Its color makes it perfect to go with summer pastels and gives something extra to a lightweight suit or other formal wear. It measures to be twenty-seven point six square inches.

Missoni Zig-Zag Pattern Scarf

This bold scarf can be a staple statement piece in a wardrobe. It is one hundred percent wool and about eighty-six by twelve inches. It features color blocks of striped zig-zags in several semi-dark colors. It would be the perfect bold look to not only wear in the summer but in the seasons after as well. It would look best draped around the neck once with a light long sleeve shirt and some skinny jeans.

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